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Alpro has been the European pioneer for plant-based food for over 35 years. The company produces a wide range of plant-based foods (including drinks, yoghurt, cream, desserts, margarines, ice-cream) under two brand names, Alpro and Provamel. Alpro is a subsidiary of Danone and has its headquarters in Ghent (Belgium). The company has a workforce of 1,300 employees in Europe and three production plants in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom respectively.



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  • The trucks used to park anywhere along the street, blocking the entrances to other company sites.

  • Onsite nuisance (emissions, unsafe situations, litter, and so on)

  • External pressure (municipality and neighbours) to quickly find a solution.

  • Dispatching had no idea who was on time, who was late and who had to be admitted to the site first.

  • Difficult communication between dispatching and truckers.

  • Reception had to deal with frustrated drivers on a daily basis.

Learn from the experiences of Alpro. Wim Muylaert, logistics manager, explains why Alpro chose to implement Peripass. Efficient flows of trucks, savings, less safety issues on the yard, easier communication with drivers and seamless integration with SAP. Taste the software expertise of Peripass in the Alpro customer story.

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