The FIEGE Group, with its head office in Greven in Westphalia, is a leading European logistics company specialised in efficient supply-chain solutions. With a history dating back to 1873 and more than 15,000 employees at 185 sites in 15 countries, FIEGE works on an international scale, from core markets in Europe to India and China.



trucks per day

  • The company wants to be able to handle twice the number of trucks per day

  • Difficult communication between dispatching and international truckers

  • Everyone used to just drive in, creating a situation that was unsafe

  • Linking with TMS was important

  • No view of who should and who shouldn’t be on the site

  • Not enough operational overview

Learn from the experiences of FIEGE. Find out how Peripass helped this leading European logistics company to manage their inbound and outbound workflows. Less chaos, more volume, lower waiting times and less costs. Easier communication drivers from different countries. Read all about our learnings during the implementation: perfectly prepared on paper, in practice with a few obstacles…

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